Tokyo Disney official hotel review! “Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel”Symphony room

I stayed at Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel, a Disney official hotel located in Urayasu City, Chiba Prefecture.

Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel, which opened in March 2007, is the newest among the six Disney official hotels.

Its distinctive feature is its circular-shaped exterior, and unlike other official hotels, all rooms have separate bathrooms and toilets.

During my stay, I stayed in the “Symphony Room” on the park side, and I would like to provide a detailed introduction of the room.

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There are two types that differ based on the view”Harmony room/Symphony room”

Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel is classified into two main room types

【Harmony room】

・Size : 32㎡

・Capacity : 2-3

・View : Bay view, facing the sea, you can enjoy views of the Tokyo Gate Bridge and the Ferris wheel at Kasai Rinkai Park.

【Symphony room】

・Size : 35㎡

・Capacity : 2-4

・View : Park side, you can see Cinderella and the Disney Resort Line.

The Symphony Room is slightly larger in size compared to the harmony Room, and it can accommodate up to four guests, while the Harmony Room has a maximum capacity of three guests.

However, the biggest difference is in the view.

One of the strengths of Disney Official Hotels is their proximity to the parks and the opportunity to enjoy the views of the Disney Resort from the guest rooms.

Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel also offers Symphony Rooms with park views.

However, there is a major issue that has been troubling this hotel recently, and that is the construction of the new area and new hotel.

I will provide more details about the view from the rooms later, but it’s important to note that it doesn’t necessarily guarantee a clear view of the park.

A stunning lobby with an abundance of natural light streaming through its soaring atrium.

The check-in counter is located to the left after entering through the main entrance.

The hotel, with its cylindrical shape, features a central restaurant surrounded by Disney shops, the front desk, elevators, and other facilities.

We arrived after 3pm, so it wasn’t crowded, but during the check-in rush after park closing hours, it seems like it could get crowded.

For this visit, we originally booked a Harmony Room, but we paid the price difference during check-in and upgraded to a Symphony Room.

Symphony Room

There are two elevators located diagonally from each other that lead to the guest rooms.

The room I stayed in was located on the 7th floor and had a design with orange tones.

The beds were Hollywood Twin style, with the beds already connected together.

Since the bed width is 110cm, when they are connected, it becomes larger than a King-size bed.

It provides ample space for two adults and a child to sleep comfortably.

Night panel

The night panel offers simple functionality with electric switches located at the entrance, desk side, main area, and window side.

There are also electrical outlets conveniently placed by the bedside.

There were no USB power outlets available.

There is a large sofa by the window.

The table is spacious, so you won’t have any trouble having meals in the room.

TV / Refrigerator, etc.

As Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel is one of the Disney official hotels, you can watch Disney Resort information on the television.

We have been enjoying the Disney Resort atmosphere throughout our stay by watching Disney information on the television.

Unfortunately, the TV does not have mirroring capabilities, so we cannot watch content from YouTube, Netflix, or other platforms on it.

With the Non-stop Departure service, we can check out via the TV without having to stop by the front desk.

It’s very convenient during busy morning hours like before the park opens.

There is a large vanity mirror to the left of the terevision.

On the right side of the television, there is a cupboard and a kettle.

There is also a glass tumbler provided.


Coffee and creaming powder

Green tea, sugar

The refrigerator is empty.


The children’s pajamas are separate for the top and bottom.

Safety box.

The room features a color scheme primarily centered around orange.

Bathroom / Toilet

Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel is the newest among the Disney official hotels and the only that offers separate bath and toilet facilities in all rooms.


The bathtub, inspired by a seashell motif, is spacious and allows even adults to stretch their legs and relax comfortably.

It features a step inside, providing added safety for children.

The bathing area is also generously sized, allowing space for washing.

There are two faucets with different shapes, but there were no labels or instructions indicating their differences, so it was unclear.

Amenities(Symphony room)

Toothbrush, hairbrush, razor, cotton swabs, cotton pads, skincare set(make up remover, toner, moisturizer), hair ties, body towel, bath powder

Basic amenities are provided.

The hairdryer is provided in a bag.

Fireworks are highly recommended! The view from the room(Symphony Room)

Moving on to the view from the room

While the Harmony rooms face the sea, the Symphony rooms are located on the park side.

When you open the bright red curtains, you’ll be greeted with…

You’ll be able to see the Disney Resort Line!

You can also see other Disney official Hotels such as the Toy Story Hotel, Hilton Tokyo Bay Hotel, and Hotel Okura Tokyo Bay , among others.

In front, you can see the under-construction Tokyo DisneySea Fantasia Springs Hotel, scheduled to open in spring 2024.

On the left side, you can see Space mountain, the Beauty and the Beast Castle, the backside of the mountain, and the tip of Cinderella Castle.

Looking at it this way, the construction site stands out.

While you can enjoy the ambiance of Tokyo Disney Resort with views of hotels and the monorail, it feels a bit lonely for a “park view”

However, whenever the Disney resort line passes by, the cast members wave at you, which adds to the excitement .

And on days when there are fireworks, you can enjoy a beautiful view of them from your room.

Breakfast / FINE TERRACE

Breakfast is served at “Fine Terrace” located in the central area of the lobby.

Fine Terrace


Buffet : Western and Japanese

【Operating hours】

6:30am – 10:00am
※It varies depending on the season.


Adults : 3,300yen

7-12years : 2,400yen

6years and below : free of charge

Unlike many hotels around Tokyo Disney Resort that charge for children starting from around 4 years old, Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel allows children aged 6 and below to stay for free.

The breakfast buffet offers a variety of options including Western, Japanese, and dessert menus.

There is also a wide variety of breakfast available, offering a rich selection for breakfast.

The dessert selection is also abundant and satisfying.

They also offer popular desserts like Maihama Pudding and Shortcake.

The kids’ area is filled with child-friendly options such as meatballs, fried jellies that children will enjoy.

Restaurant / Shop

Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel, as an Disney official hotel, offers the convenience of purchasing Disney merchandise within the hotel premises, in addition to facilities like a bakery and more.


source:Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel official HP

There is a lounge on the lobby floor where you can enjoy light meals, coffee, and desserts.

Disney Fantasy

One of the benefits of staying at a Disney official hotel is the ability to purchase Tokyo Disney Resort merchandise within the hotel itself.

This is especially convenient as it eliminates the need to carry around merchandise while in the park or deal with crowded souvenir shops near closing time.

Guests can enjoy the convenience of shopping for Disney goods at their leisure after returning to the hotel.

Souvenir Medal

Guest can also purchase exclusive Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel design medals that are available for sale only at the hotel.


On the first floor of the hotel, there is a shop that offers a wide range of products including food and beverages, magazines, newspapers, cosmetics, and various daily necessities.

Additionally, there is a microwave available in the shop, allowing guests to warm up baby food or other meals.


source:Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel official HP

There is a bakery shop on the lobby floor where you can purchase freshly baked bread, pastries, and other baked goods.

“SPA ROSE” popular Japanese-style sauna and large public baths

source:Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel official HP

Tokyo Bay Maihama hotel features a popular sauna and spacious public baths, exclusively available for hotel guests.

“SPA ROSE” are open until late hours, allowing you to relax and rejuvenate your tired body after a long day at the park.

ACCESS / Airport Limousine bus, shuttle bus, Disney resort Line …

【Airport Limousine Bus】HANEDA/NARITA

Both Haneda Airport and Narita Airport offer limousine bus services that an take you directly to the hotel.

【HANEDA Airport】

Travel timeapproximately 50-70 minutes
Fare(one way)Adult : ¥1,000-
Child : ¥500-
Bus stopMain entrance of the hotel

【NARITA Airport】

Travel timeapproximately 60-80 minutes
Fare(one way)Adult : ¥1,900-
Child : ¥950-
Bus stopMain entrance of the hotel

TRAIN / JR Keiyo Line, JR Musashino Line

source:Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel official HP

You can get off at JR Maihama Station on the Keiyo Line or Musashino Line, and from there, you can take the Disney Resort Line(monorail) or the complimentary shuttle bus to the hotel.

【Disney Resort Line】

Get off at the second station, Bayside Station, from the Resort Gateway Station.

From bayside Station, take the Disney Resort Cruiser(complimentary shuttle bus) for approximately 2-4minutes, or you can walk for about 8 minutes

【Complimentary shuttle bus】

The hotel shuttle bus stop is located at the Hotel Bus Terminal near Maihama Station.

It takes approximately 5 minutes from the bus stop at Maihama Station to reach the hotel.

Tokyo Disney official Hotel “Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel / Symphony Room”

This was an introduction to Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel, the newest hotel among Disney Official Hotels.

It’s compact hotel with well-equipped rooms suitable for families, and it offers reasonable prices.

It’s conveniently located with easy access to the Disney Parks, making it a highly recommended hotel.

Please consider it as a reference when choosing a hotel.

Thank you for reading the blog until the end.

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