Hotel review! The Okura Tokyo Prestige Tower”Prestige room bath with view”Japan’s traditional hotel.

On this occasion, we stayed at The Okura Tokyo located in Toranomon, Minato Ward, Tokyo,Japan.

The Okura Tokyo is a renowned hotel that needs no introduction in Japan.

It is one of the three prestigious hotels alongside the Imperial Hotel and Hotel New Otani.

The original Hotel Okura Tokyo opened its doors in 1962 but closed in 2016 for redevelopment.

It reopened in 2019 as The Okura Tokyo.

During my stay, I booked the “Prestige Room View Bath Twin” for a total of three guests, including two adults and one child.

Allow me to share my experience in this room with you.

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The Okura Heritage Wing / Prestige Tower

After the redevelopment, The Okura Tokyo consists of two buildings on the site of the former main building of Hotel Okura Tokyo:the “Heritage Wing”and the “Prestige Tower”

The Okura Heritage Wing

The Heritage Wing, a 17-story building, houses guest rooms and restaurants.

Room TypeRoom sizeBed
Heritage Room53-63㎡King/Twin
Heritage Room (with Balcony) 60㎡King/Twin
Heritage Suite120㎡Twin
Ambassador Suite137㎡Twin
Presidencial Suite256㎡Twin

Even the Standard rooms offers a spaciousness of over 53 square meters, making it one of the largest among hotels in Tokyo.

The Okura Prestige Tower

The Prestige Tower, spanning 41floors, not only features restaurants, guests rooms, and banquet halls but also includes office spaces alongside the hotel facilities.

Room TypeRoom SizeBed
Prestige Room48㎡King/Twin
Prestige Room Upper Floor48㎡King/Twin
Prestige Corner56㎡King/Twin
Club Room48㎡King/Twin
Club Corner56㎡King/Twin
Club Suite97-106㎡King/Twin
Royal Suite201㎡Twin
Imperial Suite730㎡Twin

Prestige Room / Bath with view twin beds

On this occasion, I stayed in the “Prestige Room View Bath Twin” located in the Prestige Tower.

Source:The Okura Tokyo official HP

Upon entering the room, you will find the bedroom on the right side and the bathroom, toilet, and closet on the left side.

The clever utilization of space creates a spacious and open ambiance, allowing for a comfortable stay.

After the child have played…

Towards the back of the room, there is a large window.

This room is located on the 32nd floor, offering breathtaking views due to its high elevation.

The scenery is truly remarkable.


The view bathroom features a large couch sofa by the window, providing a comfortable seating area.

In the wide living room type, instead of a sofa, there is a writing desk.

Towards the front of the bedroom, there are also chairs and a table for added convenience and business.

The TV remote control is also neatly stored in a box, ensuring that it doesn’t disrupt the overall design of the space.

The room is equipped with speakers as well.

I didn’t notice any noise from the neighboring room at all.

The minibar is also neatly stored in a stylish wooden shelf.

The refrigerator is also stylish with a glass exterior, adding to the overall aesthetic of the room.

There is a wide variety of coffee and tea options available, ensuring a rich selection for guests to choose from.

Tumblers, rocks glasses, and wine glasses are provided in the room.


Moving on to the bathroom.

The prestige Room offers two types: Wide Living Room and View Bath.

The space exudes luxury with meticulous attention to detail in design and amenities.

The shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel provided in the bathroom are from the brand “Miller Harris.”

In addition, you will find body lotion and bath salts among the amenities provided in the bathroom.

Body towel

Accessory tray

There is also complimentary water available in the bathroom.

The clock in the room is also designed to harmonize with the overall space.

When you open the drawer, you will find the amenities neatly organized and stored.

Razor, shaving foam

Comb, amenity set, mouthwash, toothbrush.

The amenity set includes a nail file, hair tie, cotton swabs, and cotton pads.

Hair dryer, hairbrush

The towels also feature the Okura logo embroidery, adding a touch of elegance to them.

The skincare set for women is provided by “THREE”, offering high-quality products for a luxurious skincare experience.

In addition to extra towels, children’s amenities were also provided in the bedroom.

It’s impressive that they have prepared towels in advance, ensuring that everything is taken care of.


The large glass windows create a wonderful sense of openness and spaciousness.

Next, let’s move on to the restroom.

There is also a sink inside the private restroom.


The closet is located behind the TV, right around the center of the room.

Since it it a walk-in closet, it is spacious and roomy.

The safety box is also located here for your convenience and security.

The slippers provided in the room are of exceptional quality, exuding a luxurious feel, unlike the typical thin slippers found in ordinary hotels.

Breakfast / Room service

We enjoyed breakfast through room service during our stay.

Prestige Tower Breakfast

Prestige Tower Breakfast

・Freshly squeezed juice(orange or grapefruit)

・Egg dishes(fried, poached, scrambled, or boiled)

Choice of bacon, ham, sausage, or halal chicken sausage

・Mixed salad

・Toast or morning roll

・Coffee or tea

Japanese breakfast

Speaking of Okura, as a special addition, we also ordered French toast to complete the breakfast experience.

When you have young children, I highly recommend opting for room service as it allows you to enjoy your meal at your own pace without worrying about the surroundings.

By the way, we also enjoyed room service for dinner.

We ordered the Mixed Fried Rice Served with Soup from the Chinese restaurant “TOH-KA-LIN” and the Clubhouse Sandwich, and both were absolutely delicious.

One of the great attractions of The Okura Tokyo is that you can savor Chinese cuisine or sushi not only restaurant but also through room service.

Lobby / Hotel facilities

Next, let’s talk about the lobby area.

When it comes to The Okura, the iconic and historic lobby cannot be missed.

When the decision to rebuild the hotel was made, there was significant opposition because of how beloved the lobby was by many.

The famous “Okura Lantern,” which has been a symbol of the hotel since the days of the old Hotel Okura Tokyo, has also been preserved and carried over to the new establishment.

Another iconic featured of The Okura is the world clock.

The world clock is another renowned element that is synonymous with The Okura.

It showcases the time in different cities around the world, symbolizing the international allure and global presence of the hotel.

Guests and visitors can admire this distinctive timepiece, which adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the lobby area.

ACCESS / train / Airport Limousine bus / car parking

At The Okura Tokyo, guests have the privilege of accessing the parking facilities free of charge.

Considering that many foreign-owned hotels in Tokyo charge around 5,000 yen per night for parking, this complimentary parking service at The Okura Tokyo is truly remarkable.

It is wonderful benefit that sets the hotel apart and adds value to the guest’s stay, allowing them to save on parking expenses and further enhance their overall experience.


The hotel is conveniently located within access to four stations and three train lines.

However, it is worth noting that the surrounding area has many slopes, so when carrying heavy luggage, utilizing a taxi service is also recommended for added convenience.

Train LineStationExitOn foot
Tokyo Metro Hibiya LineToranomon Hills StaExit A1/A25 min
Tokyo Metro Ginza LineToranomon StaExit 310 min
Tokyo Metro Ginza Line
Tokyo Metro Namboku Line
Tameike-sanno StaExit 1410 min
Tokyo Metro Namboku LineRoppongi-itchome StaExit ticket gate7 min

【Limousine bus】 Narita Airport / Haneda Airport

Both Haneda Airport and Narita Airport ofter limousine bus services that run to the hotel.

【Haneda Airport】

Travel timeapproximately 35-50 minutes
Fare(one way)Adult : ¥1,150-
Child : ¥590-
Bus stopHotel entrance

【Narita Airport】

Travel timeapproximately 120 minutes
Fare(one way)Adult : ¥3,200-
Child : ¥1,600-
Bus stopHotel entrance
Please check the official website for the latest operating status


The Okura Tokyo offers a variety of restaurants within its premises, ranging from small to large establishments.

In addition to their own restaurants, they have also partnered with renowned tenants such as Sushi Kyubei, known for their exceptional sushi.

Nouvelle EpoqueFrench Fine DiningBreakfast/Lunch/Dinner
YamazatoJapanese Fine DiningBreakfast/Lunch/Dinner
Toh-Ka-LinChinese Fine DiningLunch/Dinner
OrchidAll Day Dining6:30am-10:00pm
Orchid BarMain Bar3:00pm-12:00am
StarlightBar & LoungeWeekdays:5:00pm-10:00pm
Sat,Sun,Natl Holidays:
Chef’s GardenDelicatessen10:00am-8:00pm

In addition to their diverse dining options, The Okura also offers a wide range of menu choices for room service.

Guests can enjoy the flavors of traditional Japanese cuisine from Yamazato or Chinese cuisine from Toh-Ka-Lin, all in the comfort of their rooms.

The Okura Tokyo:Where Tradition and History Meet in Exquisite Hospitality

The Okura Tokyo, specifically the Prestige Tower and its Prestige Room View Bath Twin, has truly exceeded expectations as a reborn hotel.

While I had visited the previous Hotel Okura Tokyo numerous times for stays and events, the new hotel has managed to preserve and cherish the beloved elements of its lobby service while elevating its guest rooms to a level of sophistication that competes with the top luxury hotels in Japan.

The fusion of tradition and innovation is evident, and both returning guests who were familiar with the Hotel Okura Tokyo and first-time visitors to The Okura Tokyo will be captivated by this splendid hotel.

It is a truly remarkable place where the essence of the past is cherished, and the future is embraced.

I hope this serves as a valuable reference for choosing a hotel for your special moments.

Thank you for reading until the end.

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